Do you want to spend Time on Chores or Precious Memories?

The first question is do you want to spend more or less time on chores?

If it's more then that's not our mission, if it's less then we might have the same 'why' and be able to help you with 'how' to have more time for what matters your friends and family.

Why? More than just an App.

I found that the love and safety parents provide  makes a difference to their child's success in adulthood.  But that parents do not have time.

So I started by speaking with parents, finding out their challenges and what would make a difference. Setting up a community, whilst working on the technology to give busy mums or moms (dependent on which side of the pond you are at) more time.  This has not been an easy task, but welcome to WhatifIhadapa – the community, tools and app that supports busy Mums/Moms in the thing that will make a difference; spending time with those they love and on the things they love.  

In a 24/7 society I believe much more can be done to give Mums/Moms more time for 'Memories over Chores;'and that is my mission.  Typically 'we' (mum and moms) are the organisers and the decision makers.   Our families ask us where is this or that, what can we have, where can we go, what can we do, where did I leave.  We come together in our family ecosystem and live life.  The constant tasks, searches and organisation can be a drain, but actually could be made easier.



An iOS and Android App

Whatifihadapa kills that Monday morning blah. What is that Monday morning blah???!!!  It's waking up on a Monday and wishing you had got more done and had more time with the family.

The app gives you and your family more time to do all the other things you can do other than chores, and even find those things in minutes without using up your limited time! #Memoriesoverchores #timeisprecious #organise #calendise #whatifihadapa

  • Sync your families calendar
  • Sync and organise to do's across your family
  • Organise travel in minutes
  • Create a shopping list from recipes in minutes
  • Find events for memories that matter in minutes permanently or on holiday
  • Don't miss out on entertainment: books, films, series

Whatifihadapa is a call to action, to stop and put your life, your health and your time in front of your chores and calendar. Do the little things that count which can be just stopping and doing nothing, watching life, allowing kids to be bored, to giving your kids the precious memories that form and shape them.  

It requires a mindset change.   Your gravestone will not say ‘Loving (insert job title), but it will say ‘Loving (wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son and or friend).

So the No 1 is not work (job or home), it is to live a life of ‘Memories over Chores’.

Get the App in Apple or Android.


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