Wanderdust (map)

Cambodia is the third step in our trip we want a sense of adventure and exploration to find what the locals would recommend so with each city the first night is booked as we land in Phnom Penh, but from there we will explore.  

Cambodia is steeped with history from the Vietnam war, Khmer Rouge and faces social and economic challenges.   I am interested to see and understand the eyes of a child like the first time they saw snow.  What are their impressions, tastes and reactions to the people, landscape, food, buildings, climate, history and culture.  The impact of deforestation and see what the children think on the environment.


Wanderdust (map)

So my son's favourite saying is I love you so much far way from the Philippines, the moon, the sun, the universe.  We were blessed enough to have 3 amazing Filipino au pairs and interestingly the Philippines is a point of orientation and love for the kids.  So we had to include the Philippines in our trip. They have eaten Filipino food since they could eat 'Remo' being the favourite.

We are looking forward to exploring this beautiful place which we now has it's challenges as it cracks down on crime and drugs, but there is a beauty to the Phillipines that we see in the people that we are blessed to call our family. 

The Philippines is also steeped in history: Japanese, US and Spanish when we went to Spain our au pairs notices so many similarities. The differences in farming, climate as well as social and economic differences. 

I wonder how the kids see the Philippines after being there as this place already has a place in their hearts.

New Zealand

Wanderdust (map)

When my daughter was 18 months and my son was in my tummy we went to Australia, but she does not remember any of it.  So I decided that we would wait for the next big travel, hence this big trip.  New Zealand has been a must do lord of the rings landscapes, glaciers, wildlife, culture and I a recommendation we received from Nomadic Mom is the glow worm cave.  No photos are allowed but not everything is about photos it's about capturing the memories also inside your head.


Wanderdust (map)

I have travelled Brazil, Guatemala, Bolivia and Peru and I wanted this trip to be new, we land in Buenos Aires and look forward to discovering history that goes back to the Paleolithic period, seeing the history of colonisation, the beauty of the people, the music and the mountains.  It will be interesting with the mountain ranges a lot like we have in Switzerland but in Latin America.


Wanderdust (map)

We land in Reykjavík almost 7 years too late!  The funny fact is that this is where our honeymoon was supposed to be but I found out I was pregnant a day after hubby proposed! We then moved our wedding forwards and financial stability was key so our honeymoon was me pregnant in a hotel in London, whilst hubby attended a course.

A my Mum taught me there is no right plan for having children.  So we rode the journey of having 2 beautiful children and the dream of island will now be completed as the penultimate visit in the first round of around the world in 40 days.

I am in ore of the landscape of this country the mountains, volcanoes and springs.  As the kids are part viking the history of Danish rule is fascinating. 

Traveling with kids is beautiful and even though we did not do this trip as a honeymoon, sharing memories with the children, and as a family is just as special.

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