The types of businesses we are, the way we do business, the way people work and the technologies available to use are continually changing. colorful-chameleon

We have moved from managing traditional co-located teams of people, to talents working virtually all over the world.  Businesses can create and innovate from multiple locations, and start-ups use facilities like, virtual working software, Voice over IP, Teleconferencing…. to leverage economies of geography.  Their agility makes it possible for small David like Business Models, to battle slower moving Goliath’s.

The Goliath’s are trying to gain more flexibility and change organisations to be able to compete.  Organisations have more diverse stakeholder groups, more exposure with social media, more global coverage tapping into emerging economies.  Organisations are trying to make there business fit not only today’s needs, but tomorrow.

So how do we even start to look at doing that?:

  1. Look at agile competitors and start-ups, as well as larger ones.  However, it is not possible to copy and paste.  It has to be the right custom fit for the organisation.  It may not be right for you but at least be aware of smaller player, which can now scale quickly in todays world.
  2. Engage with your employees and managers with what working environment would benefit the organisation now and in the future.  This could be a working group.
  3. Scan for technologies, and practices available.
  4. Understand what would work in your organisation.  This will probably not be a one - time thing.  For some, it may be a cultural change that happens in phases.  So understand the end game.
  5. Define the TO BE and what steps need to be taken.  These steps are not just technology, physical placement of offices, people’s mind-sets and culture.
  6. Design and build that change with great communication, and culture change plans.
  7. Keep revisiting what you need to be as an organisation.  Challenging yourself on: what could destroy us now?  What are the agile competitions doing, or able to do that we can’t.
  8. Try to also stimulate innovation from within.

Some of these practices may make you more agile yourself, being able to be more effective.

Be a business chameleon.


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