When more and more people search for fulfillment in making a difference, what do you do if you have a family with one foot in 'security for the family' but another in 'role model to your children to make a difference and thrive on their passion.'

The Corporate Leadership Council research on commitment identified engagement can lead to the increased productivity of a company. The ultimate engagement in simple terms is a person has:

  • A belief in the purpose that the company or brand makes to a given cause
  • A belief in their contribution and how much they impact that cause

That's great except:

  • Not all companies have an altruistic cause, or indeed start to really identify and engage employees in it's purpose.
  • As a mother you still need to ensure the basics are there for your family, and a shortness of time. However, believe me with a few tips from a working mother and a Doctorial Business Administration, out of an original class of 13 men, plus 1 woman you can do it!
  • As a mother the day you gave birth you knew you had the power to overcome any barriers.

So what do you do?

  1. Identify your passion. If you are going to work on it make sure you are passionate about it. It will be your time investment.
  2. Identify your strengths.
  3. Where do the passion areas and strengths overlap. You do not have to have all skills you can partner with people that strengthen your weaknesses.
  4. Bounce off of your, friends, networks and make new friends. Surround yourself with people that will take you higher.
  5. Funnel your energy in a way that gets you to your goal in your timeframe. One way is for it to be in a program like an MBA or DBA. Another is to be part of a group that develops projects. I’m a member of the hubzurich.

You will not be alone. There has been an increase in 'personal projects,’ and 'people studying' to infuse the creativity and fulfillment that people yearn. 

That's how my journey started. I decided to embark on a doctorate. As part of the doctorate a project grew into what is now a mission for societal change. The goal is to support 1Mn mothers by the end of 2017 with more time in their day, to spend time with whom they love and on what they love.

Be brave to follow your passion and evolve your life, personal projects and work around the impact you want to make in life.  In my case HR has gone beyond the immediate office to reaching those future generations via their parents, and giving parents what they need most more time.

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