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Defining You

Defining You


I have seen myself evolve with different experiences, environments and people.  There were certainly some seeds of my character planted by my parents, but as life has changed difficult decisions have defined me.  Sometimes those have been simple decisions e.g. I can't let that happen.  We are faced with these decisions reguarly, and many people do the right thing. THE RIGHT THING


The movie that best symbolises this type of decision to me is the true story of Michael Oher in The Blind Side.  A woman who took in a young boy off the street and they changed each others lives.



My sister's keeper is a predicament where there is no right decision.  Do I donate my bone marrow to save my sisters life, or do I say no to let my sister live her life.



These decisions get to the crux of people defining Who Am I?  The Pursuit of Happyness is such a film where regardless of the challenges integrity is important.  Will Smith reminds me of my dad "don't ever let somebody tell you you can't do something" and "if you want something go get it period"


Who am I is just a cellular level question, and we act in an organism.  Who are we is more complex, as we are affected by the actions of others.  We have different agenda's and pressures.  A community can be divided or come together in the definition of who are we.  The "I" and "We" are connected.  A person may have to stand up for what they believe in, and influence a community to take action.  This kind of decision can be seen in Erin Brockovich's true story.



Finally multiple communities can make up an organisation or country.  A person may need to affect decisions by influencing members, and that can be done directly or indirectly.  A person would need to think through the impact of actions, key players and also stay true to what defines them.

The Last King of Scotland is an extreme example of how a doctor reflected on his morals and saw Idi Amen for who he really was, took personal accountability and put his life in danger in the process.


These movies are just to illustrate the type of decisions we make.  At these critical points in life it is important to remember who you are, what you stand for as a community and who the company or organisation is. Many of them are true stories, and show just how much a defining moment can have on other peoples lives.

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