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3 things on the Digital Transformation Radar for 2018


2017 has had it's challenges for HR, and this year I've been constantly working on:

  1. The speed and agility to recruit, develop and re-skill with digital employee operations, digital learning operations and digital talent.
  2. Enabling organisations to move to simple, automated and connected HR primarily enabled by Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) like Workday or SuccessFactors
  3. Facilitate organisations with the tools to manage an increasingly transient workforce.
  4. Design and update outdated and outmoded target operating models, with what roles are really needed for organisation success. 
  5. Fix poor employee experience in getting the basics right.
  6. Bringing consumer experience in to the business to employee space.

It's time to take a pause and look at what that means for 2018 as most organisations start to plan their budget cycle there are 3 things that leading organisations should consider, if they are already on the digital transformation journey.

  1. The old chestnut still holds true.  Technology only does what you tell it to do, the purpose you set out to achieve.  If you did not have one, or it is not aligned to the business then take a pause.  The capability for a business to grow is in Organisation Development its people, processes and technology.  However, even with a new HCM system growth requires real transformation, transformation of the digital employee offering and of the target operating model.  Assess where are you now versus where the business needs you to be. 
  2. Data and AI.  Investment in simplification and connection of systems starts to give you data.  The power of data in the consumer market has led to disruptive models and industries just look at: Facebook, AirBNB, Uber, Lyft, linkedin.  In 2018 data will be a focus as the basis for machine learning.  The focus for the last part of my year is machine learning in talent, where machines learn what makes success in a company from the data on performance and potential with algorithms.  This is a game changer and will disrupt Organisation Development.  Instead of designing competencies, career paths and programmes machines will start to define the offerings for employee success.  Digital transformation will require data transformation for AI.
  3. This year I worked on the first virtual agent in HR.  Analysts were surprised when yes we have one!  This is in early adoption in some companies, but in 2018 I really see a push for that business to consumer experience (B2C) into business to employee (B2E). More disruptive technologies will be fused into the B2E space like Watson, Blockchain, Commerce with a Employer Branding orientation. Digital transformation will require employer branding transformation.

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