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Leadership Development via Sense Making

Leadership Development via Sense Making


Leadership Development via Sense Making I came across an article which took the work of Jean Piaget where children develop their understanding of the world through sense making, and then assessed how leaders evolve through sense making. It was truly a great article and gets to the crux of great leadership when we see self awareness, and leaders that create a new sense of meaning to the world.

My interpretation in a nutshell.

Mandela’s 8 Lessons of Leadership

Mandela’s 8 Lessons of Leadership


Image I take snippets from life: the people I meet, my own learning’s and people I admire.  One of the readings on my Doctorate included Mandela.  I just wanted to share for those that have not read it.

  1. Courage is not the absence of fear – it’s inspiring others to move beyond it
  2. Lead from the front – but don’t leave your base behind
  3. Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front
  4. Know your enemy – and learn about his favourite sport
  5. Keep your friends close – and your rivals even closer
  6. Appearances matter – and remember to smile
  7. Nothing is black or white
  8. Quitting is leading too

I hope Mandela’s health returns, because he has been so instrumental in the change.  In most leadership positions there is not the weight of a nation on the leader's shoulders, but no leader is immortal. Mandela’s  8th point shows he knew the importance of succession, and that the real success is the legacy you leave for others to step forward.

Everyday Leadership

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