On reading the latest research on the effects of pregnancy on the brain, I like many mothers thought that explains it! I'm not just imaging in it!  The fact that even now my youngest is four I swear I still have a shocking memory, and I have to write things down or say 'I'll come back to you' because my brain does not have the capacity anymore to remember every number or detail.

The latest research says that this is the effect of a huge burst of oestrogen, which lasts up to two years http://www.bbc.com/news/health-38341901, but there are times when I think I should see the doctor.  Is it that I am just so tired, or busy remembering everything for the kids and the husband, that whilst everyone else has a piece of my brain, there is little left for me?

However, my brain didn't just lose memory, it got a gift.  The gift was that my brain was reprogrammed.  It was almost a reset button that said really, do you really give a crap about that?  What's really important in life?  It grounded me to make choices based on values that would change their live and our lives, to live life out loud with purpose.

Even though I am sure I lost some grey matter I found ways to adjust in my senior role, studies, at home and business:

  • I write stuff down in a little book or on my phone notes
  • I live by TO DO's of must do three things today to focus
  • I prepare for what may be the key topics, and take the material with me e.g. if it is a business case there is a question typically on contribution margin
  • If I just do not have the number or fact in my memory, it's okay to go back and check.  It does not make you weak.  I will have to do this in my oral defence of my doctorate.  We know that a person's effectiveness is not their ability to memorise but to think, to solution and take action; this is what mothers do every day.

I don't know if my grey matter will ever go back to pre-motherhood levels, but I am glad there is research that explains the challenge.  Mothers have so much to offer because it reshapes are brains not just in memory, but purpose.  What we may need is coping mechanisms or tools for memory.


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