Christmas is not the best time to start any sort of diet. It's a time to share goodness with loved ones : family and friends.  We wanted to share some tips with you but let you know that tools on your families health are coming in the new year.  This is not about dieting, but real family life style nutrition.

In 2017 we have a number of experts that will work with our members month by month.  Arriane Eva Morrin is one of the first of the experts, who is sharing an early Xmas blog to set you up for success in the New Year.

The time to share goodness with loved ones : family and friends.

Most of us will have started early in the month of December with work Christmas drinks or dinner parties.  Advice in these situations : 

  1. Limit your alcohol consumption - if you must drink at all - as alchool will cloud your judgement and you will tend to overeat unnecessarily.
  2. Stay away from the canapé table 
  3. Fill up your plate on greens 
  4. Do not have second servings 
  5. Keep a glass of water in your hand to keep yourself from reaching automatically for nibbles...

Staying active during the Christmas period is vital not only for your mental and physical health, but also for your waistband . 

It can range from squeezing in a quick home based or gym based exercise session in the morning before your day gets busy and taking the kids along with you is a great idea ! Get creative as long as you keep moving and build up a little sweat, it's all that matters is a great resource, and 14 great on demand fitness resources were collated for our members.

Challenge your family members ! There is nothing better than a little competition 👍

Adding an outdoors family walk after a heavy meal or a family active game such as football in the local park or back garden.  Keeping active will help you stay focused and not 'get off the wagon' of staying healthy altogether with a health maintenance mindset. 

Check what facilities are open over Christmas holidays for the family entertainment:swimming pool, gym, outdoor gyms, parks, play Centres etc.   There are free tool tolog your physical activities with BetterPts in the UK . It's FREE to register 👉

And remember, children will mimic your actions and follow the flow into good healthy action or unhealthy ones ! 

So stay strong and focus and enjoy Christmas with moderation without deprivation.  For the family some helpful tips:

  1. Keep an eye on the children chocolate consumption. The key is : moderation.
  2. Keep fresh fruits and nuts on display in the house for healthy snacks. 
  3. A trick is to hid the chocolate boxes away - especially since friends and guests tend to be over generous - and only take one out when it's sharing time.
  4. Watch the portion sizes ! As for small portions. Don't let family members or friends push you into overeating. Sharing is caring ... So instead of deprivation ...share :)
  5. Give away leftovers. Having too much food in the house, in the fridge will tend to push people to overeat ! So give it away ...spread the love lol.  The Olio mobile app is a great way to share leftover food in the UK! 

You will thank yourself when the new year comes as it will be ever so easy to jump into your next health challenge of a new year 😀

Make a public commitment statement saying you “commit to staying healthy with the #ViFamily challenge” . 

Merry Christmas to you all and to our health !

Next Year we will be joined by Arriane Eva Morrin who is a family nutrition and obesity expert AEM HealthandFitness and will run a session for out members.  She has over 6 years experience, is certified REPs coach Level 2&3 for adults nutrition & weight loss / PT / group fitness classes.  She specialises in children (7-14) Transformation (weight loss) programs Online and in West London.



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