My bosses boss, so basically a very inspirational senior executive woman in my company took me out for dinner just before Xmas, and asked me what I wanted.  I always used to find this hard to answer because my ambition is not promotion, so I used to have to pad the response with right now I love my challenge, and the opportunity to work in what I love as a Mum and have balance.

Whilst this is true, last year was a big year where I learnt to no longer hide.  To no longer accept that I have to suppress who I am because my 'shadow beliefs.' I was scared that I would not be accepted.  My second shadow belief was was can I really do this, and yes I can.  So now I am out.  She asked me to write a postcard to myself in 5 years time and share it with her if I wanted in January.  This exercise became a gift to myself over Xmas, the other gift I fulfilled for my direct boss was to 'brand me.'  Brand me is 'BlackGirlvTech,' it is all the things that are underneath the 'me' brand that I have created from my yoga, doctorate, HR, Tech and Start Up career, and are what I stand for, my purpose and the difference I make.

In BlackGirlvTech style I brought three postcards, because as a mother I know I have multiple 'me':

  1. Purpose (my purpose and happiness)
  2. Connection (family, friend and partner)
  3. Energy (health, body and mind)

 I'm sharing my postcards, which leave me vulnerable but in that vulnerability may inspire other mothers to think about their life and what it looks like in five years time.  This is better than any detox, because my focus is crystal clear.

I hope this process helps you and be brave.  Listen to your shadow beliefs, and respond then think about what you want to write to yourself in each of the areas of your life.


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