My first birth was an unplanned c section, let me tell you they are not the easy way out!  After 64 hours of: pushing, going on all fours like a cow,  being shoved to try and move her, hubby going to sleep 3 times, 3 midwife shift changes, my daughter was so distressed from continually getting stuck as she tried to find her was out her heart stopped, and had doctors rushed in to restart it. I was in a queue behind two emergencies, but I finally had a c-section.  I had practiced and taught yoga until the day I went into labour, but my contractions were off the charts.  They had not seen anything like it and I opted for an epidural, but then the contractions themselves were not strong enough for her to get out.

Our best friend did a video in Switzerland and sent it out to our friends, it was funny as one of my friends remarked how could you let them take photo's of you like that.  For me that's the reality of child birth, there was no spa and sudden make up. Child brith is sheer primal motherhood where I did not sleep for over 3 days and kept going, as my one focus was to get my daughter out safe.  

After I eventually had a c section I could not stop shaking uncontrollably.  It was a feeling I've never had before, as well as crying with tears of joy. What I looked like was far from my mind having my daughter safe and healthy, and being a mother which changed my life for good was part of that sweaty and exhausted photo.

When I was pregnant with the second the gynaecologist was sceptical of a natural birth.  I was prepared to do what meant my son was safe and healthy, but we would try.  This time I opted for no epidural, and just gas.  The only thing was they had none!!!  I had moved kantons (the Swiss equivalent of districts in the US or shires in the UK) and in the process silly me assumed all hospitals were the same.  The moment the doctor told me, I looked at my husband and said what the F***.  He just said 'it's too late now,' we laughed and I just decided mentally to suck it up.  He came out in a few hours it was so quick. 

I'm obviously not a doctor so of course listen to your gynaecologist, we all want our babies to be safe and healthy.  My story was that my first birth did not determine my second, and their is no easy route only the right route for Mum and baby.


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