Baby Bed Time, Moon And Starry Night

I'm teaching my kids about the Power of Yes.  Here's my personal story to the unplanned 'Yes' and one very few people know.

Whilst many people were in awe of the full moon on the 31st, as was I.  The super moon also marked a key milestone in my life.  It’s been 10 years since I left England with 2 suitcases for Switzerland.

Very few people know the true story of how this black girl versus tech ended up in Switzerland, with a hubby, 2 kids, an awesome job, tech company and inspiring the next generation by giving Mums more time with my APP WhatifIhadaPA, as well as exec board member for girls in tech.

If I could go back I would tell myself to say ‘yes’ sooner and see what happens.  The day I said ‘yes’ everything changed, and I truly believe it can for you.  I was recommended to a head hunter for a job I was told in Zurich.  I went in and sat down with Luke the head hunter, asked me how do you feel about moving to Zurich.  I can honestly reveal I thought the job was for ‘Zurich’ as in the insurance company.  I said ‘yes’ I’m used to travelling as a consultant.  The interview went really well, and the first thing I did was ring my Mum afterwards and say ‘Mum I think I am moving to Zurich.’ 

I take every opportunity in my stride, and even if it seemed a huge step or ask.  I break it down to key must do, and actions.  This ‘yes’ and mind-set changed my life in every single way. 

1.     Moving abroad was not as expected.  At first it was lonely it is not like being a consultant, if you want to integrate you have to NOT fly back every weekend.  You have to connect with locals, learn the language and create a village.  I’ve done that learning German, teaching yoga, doing my doctorate, founding my company, putting down routes and we will go for our Swiss Pass this year.

2.     Moving abroad meant I looked at the world with a different lens.  Everything and everyone was unfamiliar.  So rather then have my head in comfortable friendships, I had to look up and connect.  I’ve fostered new friendships, business collaborations and got married to the most amazing man I know!

3.     The world is as small or as big as we make it.  I work and act globally to make an impact.  We move between Switzerland, France, Denmark and the UK and this year we travel the world, and I work further on Machine Learning and Block Chain in a way that will disrupt globally.

In a way I should thank the mishap interview, but also my Mum and Dad for brining me up with the mind set to go for it; with 'Yes' to the unexpected you can thrive.  My second 'Yes' came when I called my Mum and I really wanted kids, but life was not working as perfectly planned.  She said to me 'there is no perfect time to have children, life does not work like that. If you want kids have them and it will work out.'  That it did Mum!  

I listened and the day after my husband proposed on an escalator in Copenhagen when of  course I said yes (I will leave that for another blog), I had a gynaecologist appointment.  After examinations of a lump in my breast he did a full examination and told me I was pregnant.  We were married in 3 months!

If you ever have a hesitation on a decision, think what is the worst thing that could happen.  Your next step could be life changing. Yes can be such a powerful word, if you know it is right go for it.

I literally still call my Mum every day – but nothing surprises her!

Dr. Chantelle Brandt Larsen Founder WhatifIhadaPA saving Mums 2 hours a day!

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