There were lot's of topics at the World Economic forum that were spot on, but one very close to my heart shined.  His talk fused what might seem to others to be a dichotomy in what I do: tech and childhood!!!  Tech and Childhood Impact - that's my why.  My why is to impact the next generation because of what Jack Ma crystallises very well.

We have to teach the things that make us different to a machine, and when you understand what those things are it makes solutions for AI and machine learning very powerful.  For teaching it is not about knowledge, memorising and data; a machine can do that better.  Jack points out we have to teach:

  • Value
  • Believe
  • Independent thinking
  • Team work
  • Care for others

He conveys that these topics are learnt in sports, music, painting making sure we teach things that are different from a machine. On a competition in knowledge between man and machine knowledge it will beat us!  I work in tech and even have my own tech company, but what got me here was the understanding from data on the key to success in adulthood.  I would go further to say the correlations for success sit in: creativity, make believe play,  active play and interactive virtual play.  The ability to imagine solutions for problems that may not even exist yet.  We need to look at learning through play.  It is not just the education system that is holding us back, but the stifling of parents and the lack of time they have bogged down in work, chores and the red tape of society.  My key focus now is:

  1. Use machine learning to give parents and particularly mums more time to impact childhood play
  2. Inspire, influence and empower creating ways to learn for the next generation
  3. Apply Tech in a powerful way across industries to make an impact on society for that next generation

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