1. Start your day early to give yourself the bandwidth to be productive at work, optimise on any personal responsibilities you have and enjoy life.


Harvard biologist Christoph Randler discovered in 2010 that early risers are more proactive. They were more likely to agree with statements like "I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself" and "I feel in charge of making things happen."

2. Know your threshold and when you need to say "no."  We can only attend so many social events and do so many favours.  If you live as a family a co-ordination of the calendar is best done together, so the family doesn't feel warn out trying to keep up with life.  If you start saying "no" then you start to get the space to enjoy life.

Say No

3. Have 'me time'.  Have an activity that is just for you, and for your partner too if you are in a relationship.  Everyone will have different hobbies, and indulgences.  My 'me time' is Yoga and my husbands computer games; typically civilisation.  We then have date nights together.


4. Make compromises based on what is important.  If you have a family, you may be thinking what did I do with my time before kids!  To deal with this make it easy on yourself and decide what is acceptable.

My House Was Clean Yesterday Sorry You Missed It

  • Make it acceptable for the house to be simply tidy and not necessarily super clean
  • If you can afford it, outsource jobs like gardening and cleaning.  You don't have to do everything yourself and try to be super mum.
  • If it works for the family consider less money for more flexibility; a 4 day week or even just a more family friendly company.
  • If it works for your family and a happy Mummy is at full time working one, then get some support at home; a nanny or au-pair.

It's okay do what works for your family.  Forget all the parent police, because you know your family best.

5. Have time and space to meditate.  I choose yoga which gives focus, energy, strength, health and meditation. Meditation techniques can take 5 minutes.


6. Create a mindset, to support you in making decisions.  I had a request for an interview on a Saturday recently!  The answer was no without thinking. My husband is home for dinner and bath time each night, and leaves even when there is someone who wants another 5 minutes.  Our mindsets have changed  and are aligned.  Family time is sacred and a no go.


7.  Understand how you function. Contrary to the mindful movement.  I do multiple things at a time and excel.  My brain works optimally on 5 things at once.  Find your optimal level at which you function, reduce or even increase with what works for you.  You are an individual so find your own technique.  For some people it may be 1 thing at a time (my husband), and for others more.  If you become non productive and or can't focus you know that you are under or over loaded.

Juggling Balls


I hope you find that life balance.

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