Being a Mum is tough period so I dislike the phrase ‘working mum.’  All mother’s know even from just maternity leave that being at home is work, and it’s hard!  I have both stayed at home, and then decided to look for a job to go back to work.  At the office you are cutting into your day to ensure that you are still there to do the pick-up and or drop off, cook nutritious meals, play and have family time with the kids and read bedtime stories.  There are ways to limit personal costs, it may not be possible to have 2 hour gym or yoga sessions anymore, go for lovely walks with the kids, and be active and on the go because you are sat in the office.  My Nike Plus Fuel band is at its highest on a Saturday and Sunday when I am with the kids.   Yet when you return to the office there are ways to remain fit, healthy and energised.

1. Get in early.  I’m up at 5am.  I arranged that I would get in early with my boss, which means that if there are no calls with the US, or anything urgent creeps up I am finished at 2.45.  I do believe in flexibility and that cuts both ways.  The majority of the time I am home just gone 4pm.

2. If the childcare is in the direction of public transport to get to work; take it!  The amount of productive time that can be gained on public transport catching up on to do’s, or even just being able to read a book gives you time back.  I’m half way through my doctorate so the train time adds up to a lot of research time.  The walking you do also all accumulates to a much healthier you.

3. If you can afford it get help.  With my first child I did it alone, now 2 kids are in the mix, we have no other family to pull on and there is a longer commute. A second pair of hands to take the kids to and from nursery is a god send.

4. Get rid of your chair.  I got rid of my office chair for two reasons.  On maternity leave I had been using my gym ball, and on return to the office I noticed my back hurt.  I brought my gym ball in which is great for my spine and even better my core, giving it a workout all day.

5. Take your lunch in.  When did packed lunch start to become uncool? I am so glad in my new office everyone brings lunch in, it’s healthier cheaper and easy as I get to use up my leftovers from dinner.  Of course there is the preparation time 0f 2 to 10 minutes the night before dependent on what I make.

6. Exercise at lunch time.  I have a Nike Fuel band so as well as the walking involved in getting to work in the morning, I either practice yoga or run a minimum of 3 times a week.  Because I made my lunch, there is no need to take an hour in the canteen.  I make sure I still socialise with my colleagues, so as not to cut myself off from the networking that happens in the lunch time.

7. Keep one evening for yourself and your relationship.  Date night is Friday, and just before going out I have Pilates which is my treat to myself.  Plus my second child really left his mark ‘I was here.’  My core strength I can work on, the marks are permanent and I actually love.  My kids are every part of me, and I know I am blessed to have them.  That precious ‘me’ time, and then date night with the man I love so much completes the happy, healthy, emotionally balanced and physically fit me.

So that’s the way I’ve found to make the most of my time and be a mum.

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