I pretty much practice yoga every day.  I have done so ever since I caught dysentery at a Hotel in Edinburgh.    Yes, dysentery I thought it was a disease from the times of Charles Dickens but this was in 2003.  Ashtanga yoga was my way to get my strength back, from that I grew the practice in breadth and depth to Bikram, Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa Flow and eventually teaching; which I love.

The health benefits have been enormous. The focus, self-awareness and energy I have everyday multiplies every area of my life.

I vary my practice dependent on the day and time as a busy working mother of 2.  If I have only 8 minutes there are 4 exercises I do to oxygenate my body, wake up my bones and get the blood to my brain.



I always say Yoga get’s me at breathing.  This controlled breathing exercise increases your lung capacity delivering oxygen to your organs, and hence revitalising your body in the morning.  It’s also a good exercise before an important meeting or presentation.

Arda Chandrasana Padahastasana


This posture not only gives quick energy, but also when done right works your stomach, bum, hips, thighs and spine.



I include this posture because it balances out your hormones, which can impact your balance all day.  I believe it is also why I fell pregnant so quickly!

Ardha Kurmasana


The stretch in this posture is great for your neck; shoulders, lymph glands and blood flow to the brain.

In India yoga was not necessarily a series, but postures to address different conditions.  A regular practice is of course the best scenario, once you know your practice, body and postures then you can break postures down into their benefits.  This compartmentalisation allows you to do a few postures that give you just what you need when you need it, when you are short of time.

Of course consult your doctor with any new form of exercise.

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