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Keep It Simple - Soft, Virtual, and Scaled Architecture for the Entrepreneur

As Google, Facebook and Apple are estimated to be spending large sums on physical architecture.  Google and Apple reported to be investing  $650Mn and $5Bn respectively in new offices, I thought I would share some of the grass roots essentials that are making 'Whatifihadapa' possible.

The Flexible Planner, Brainstormer, Shaper - 'Post It Notes'

With a background in consulting I know how much this simple piece of paper can be the king of processes, creative sessions, and future business plans.  As we re-prioritise, take feedback from beta customers and shape new ideas, they can be moved in line with our thoughts.  This humble piece of paper costs just a little over $5 (£4) a pack on Amazon and is one of the greatest tools that can be used on any wall.


Getting what's in my Head Out to the World - 'The White Board'

Post It Notes are part of this process, and another tool is the white board for just over $50.  As kids we had black board, paper and pens to draw.  I'm a visual thinker so the white board is essential.


We may even invest in white board paint for nearly £80.


Multi-Faceted Items for 'Me Time'

My time is taken up with launching 'whatifihadapa', studying, family and profession but I still know if I do not invest in myself, I will not have the energy to make a difference to each of these areas.  I decided to make my living room my yoga studio with so much light.  I took inspiration from having multiple mirrors which look stylish, but also give me the space to practice and energise every morning.  What ever your me time passion is try and find a space for it.


A Big Board Room Table - Dining Table

A lot of what I do is virtual but when I need the space I do have a ginormous dining room table.


Multiple Communication Technology

The virtual connectivity makes it possible to act globally and pull on talent in different countries.  We currently use a multitude of technology including Skype, in the past I've also used Adobe Connect which gives the possibility to virtual collaborative working.

These 5 tools are the humble beginnings of an environment that facilitates creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, energy and focus.

What if people stopped sending things by post?

Yesterday my lounge looked like it had a volcano of paper spewed out of a crater, which had been inactive for 500 years.  I did my 6  month …ish tidy up.  I have requested online statement etc., but I still seem to end up with so much paper.

What if companies were banned from sending paper, everything is electronic by default and people have to request if they REALLY want paper.  If for some odd reason in the 21st century they don’t have an email address then post is fine.  Can you imagine how much paper would be saved?  We say we care about the environment but this is just such a simple thing.  I chucked so many brochures, terms and condition changes in the recycling yesterday.

I of course then started to look to find out 100 million trees are destroyed a year for junk mail.

Some times I have to really question whether we are serious about the environment.  Companies should have electronic as the norm, and that would save 100 million + trees

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