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14 On Demand Fitness Resource - My Journey How to Get Fit After Children

14 On Demand Fitness Resource - My Journey How to Get Fit After Children

bigstock-Fitness-and-healthy-life-Conc-62185421.jpg 14 @ home fitness resources on demand How to Get Fit After Children

The day I gave birth my life changed for ever, and in so many ways.  One thing that changed is 'me time' and the rarity of even being able to go for pee myself.  The girl that was training for yoga every day in a great studio, and would join classes faded away.  However, it was when I needed it most.  I had a new community of an enlarged family and other mothers, but that feeling I got after a class, that time I gave to myself and health would never be the same.


I had a choice I could either keep on trying to fit into the life I had, or ask the question what is stopping you.  The truth was that travelling by train and tram for 45 minutes to the studio there and back, completing a 90 minute class, showering and wait time would cost me 200 minutes.  What was stopping me was that my life no longer had 200 minutes.  Don't get me wrong I would not trade the life I have the way I spend 200 minutes now is packed full of getting s*** done, and so much laughter, smiles and craziness with the family.  It just took time to have a new lifestyle.

One of the things that has helped is health and fitness @home.  My Mum used to come in and teach the home economics, so a to of the health is a real passion for food which has evolved with time sensitive recipes for being a busy mother working.  For fitness I fell in love with my home practice, and have perused all the top 14 of the best @home fitness.  As I did I homed into 3 questions:


How to Sustain Fitness After Having Children?

1. When can I make time - even if it's 5 minutes? I get up early and can make 30 to 60 minutes before the kids are up. If I have a crazy day I can fit in 5. 2. What am I passionate about to sustain 'choice' ?  For me it's Yoga and Running.  I focus on the feeling after it motivates me, I know how I am going to feel even if I just do Pranayama and Sun Salutation. 3. Where can I find it on demand to fit into my schedule? I need on demand. I can't be fixed to schedules because I work, and travel.  So as well as a home practice I substitute with Cody, Yogadownload (great as I can download) and Peloton (my hubby and I used to love spinning but we cannot get to a class and it is something we can do together or on a crappy day outside ;)).

The 14 of the best @home on demand fitness cannot be ranked because the answers to 1 to 3 will vary.  The key is to understand what matters to you, so we reviewed: cost, access, availability, choice, schedules and additional add on's available to help other women who want to get fit, but whose life no longer fits with their old life.

They are to fit you and your life now.


Links to all 14


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