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What If we had more Mirror Holders like Banksy

Right now there are big debates over whistleblowers as high profile cases like Bradley Manning proceed.  The debate is one of national security or aiding the enemy versus freedom of information or what some perceived to be crimes or cover ups.

This blurring of illegal activity and public good is not new.  Some graffiti artists may be holding a mirror to society and be pointing out issues, and getting people to think;  I will term mirror holders.  The artists that get us to question society and life, via a medium that is illegal.  Every individual will of curse have a different interpretation of the message.


The Falling Shopper - on Bruton Lane to me reflects the constant consumerism and greed that we live in, and has made it's own unique contribution to our economy today.


Phone Tap - Chrisp Street to me is the ever increasing lack of privacy we have, let alone the news of the world scandal. The progress of facial recognition and the use of geo locators on smart phones.

The apparent guise of governments that come in peace or the danger to peacekeepers.


Poverty and the role of the church.


The oppression on people's dreams.


The current emotions in society at present!


With the level of mirror holding to the public to get us to reflect on what is happening in life and out society, Bansky has been telling us a lot of what the whistleblowers are currently unveiling.

Interestingly Graffiti is illegal but in this case like whistleblowing arguable necessary to get us to THINK.

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