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Only 58% of people are on a social network!  So what do 42% of people do when they're not tweeting.

Only 58% of people are on a social network! So what do 42% of people do when they're not tweeting.


Latest research shows 58% of people are on a social network (browser Media, Socialnomics, MacWorld August 2013)


This begs the question what are the other 42% doing?  Recently a number of my friends  left social networks or some decided never to join even Skype!  I respect their decision, and often understand with the ever changing terms and conditions where companies are selling big data.  The annoyance of silly games I do not want to play.  I can also see how some people live their lives through it; quite literally blurring the lines between reality and virtual-land.

What did we do with our time before social networking, well we still survived.  However, as a person that lives outside their home country, with a family and an ever decreasing amount of time on my hands.  I wanted to present both sides of the argument if people are living their lives outside virtual-land, and utilising technologies to meet changing demands driven by global lives.

Keeping in Contact

Calling a small amount of friends. Although struggling to keep up with friends and family and even losing touch because life has just gotten busier. Versus.  Actively Skyping family and friends and passively keeping in contact with multiple people on facebook, twitter, at multiple locations simultaneously.  Grandchildren see grandparents who are on different continents, and friends are in each others life daily with little effort.  Ex colleagues and old friends can keep in contact, and meet up when there is an opportunity.

Socialising with Current Friends

Meeting up with friends, but not with those that have moved abroad I have lost touch. Versus. Taking advantage of events where I know my friends are going to be at from social networks, meeting virtually on social platforms and knowing when's best to meet my ever increasing global circle because of tripit, ASmallWorld, meetup, internations. A lot of my friends, myself included no longer live in the country we were born and grew up in.

Keeping up with Current Affairs 

Read about events and interests in the morning paper, or see on the evening news.  Versus. Find  out instantly about news events and content relevant to you as it happens  breaking on Twitter, facebook, linkedin and Summly streams.

Meet New People

Meet new people spontaneously.  Versus. Meet people with similar interests or those that   have a possible connection: e.g. tumblr, instagram, pinterest, google +, worldofarcraft

I understand that there needs to be a balance and as long as people recognise social networks are facilitation tools only there are positives that they bring to a person's life.

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