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7 Habits to Stay Energised

One of the things we struggle with as busy Mamma's is not just time but energy.  There are a number of tools we can use in our day to day life to stay energised: that build, store, multiply and save our energy. 7-habits-to-stay-energised-conflict-copy-2

7 Habits to Stay Energised Downloadable Tool

Do You Want More Time For Your Kids

Do You Want More Time For Your Kids


There's never enough time! Give me more time #whatifihadapa #moretime #tools #technology I ran a session on Parental Leadership on 10th April.  In that session we went through one of the tools called 'Transparent Communication.'  It has 4 stages where:

  1. You recognise how you really feel
  2. You recognise how your child really feels (putting your self in their shoes)
  3. You acknowledge the two
  4. You make an authentic response in acknowledgement to address the feelings, and increase the parental attachment bond

There were 8 different parents, and every one in there acknowledgement at some point had time creep in as a factor.


We discussed and delved into the example of their 2 year old son screaming, shouting and saying he hates the time to get ready, from scrubbing his teeth and being ready to go to the nursery (kita).

Identify with own feelings:

The mother explained that she felt frustrated and needed to get to work (TIME).


Identify with the child’s feelings:

When she put herself in the shoes of the child, he wants to do it himself. However, both the father and mother expressed that they were worried about the teeth not being brushed properly. The father explained that he rewards chocolates if his son behaves and explains he can only have the chocolates if his teeth are clean.


Hug and share each others feelings.

Authentic Response

They realised that the solution does not address the real issue. The anger from the child is because he wants to do it himself, and there is fear from the parents that he will not do it properly. The authentic response they created was to speak with him and explain that he will do it himself, and that Mummy and Daddy will show him how to do it and check after, where they may just need to get him to redo some areas or help. The real issue was anger caused by a wish for more independence, and the time pressure that they felt and the worry of incompleteness was creating a repetitive issue every morning.

Our Mission to Give Parents More Time 'Memories Over Chores'

Giving parents the tools and technology is not just to develop technology for technologies sake.  What we have done is develop a tool in a way that makes sense for parents, to organise their life, to suggest events that make a difference to them, to enable them to complete tasks like travel and shopping quicker / cheaper and in a way that adds value to their time.

The one thing we can give parents is time.  Join Us.

5 Top Tips Time Management it's in Your Hands

5 Top Tips Time Management it's in Your Hands



Decide on your goals.   What do you want to achieve and what is not important.  If you find this hard ask the question "So What?" What difference does it make if you achieve the goal, if it doesn't matter to you don't do it.

2. No

Know when to say "No."  You can only do so much.  You may often know that you need to say "No", but not how to say "No".  If it is tricky say "No" without saying it.  For example, yes I can do project X.   Which project would you like to assign more resource to so that we can also deliver project Y.

3. Prioritise

In the process of deciding what to stop, or delegate we define a priority.  No one can do everything it is a tradeoff on resources, budget, time and tasks.

4. Focus

There can be so many distractions, and different people have different ways of working.  There are differences between Generation X. Y and now Z.  However, by focus it does not mean turning of social media for everyone, music or TV.  For some people they work more effectively in these environments.  What is important is to have key points where you focus, or you bring a team together to focus, so that the project doesn't just roll along.  Smooth is not necessarily good, it needs to be reviewed and challenged with new energy and input given at different intervals.

5. Organisation

The more organisation the more time you have.  This is from organising your folders, inbox, name it, the better you do it the easier your life is.

4. Technology

Utilise technology we have so much at our finger tips.  Save time on travelling and question do I really need to go? Or can this be done over Skype or Telepresence?  There are times when face to face is worth the investment of time and money, so just think about the situation.  Find tools that make your life easier there are so many apps and tools out there that will save you time.

5. Outsource

Outsource things in your personal life so you can have energy at work, and have the time for the important things in your life family and friends.  I feel no guilt in paying for a gardener.  In fact I am doing my plants a service as most plants that touch my finger tips do not last long.

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