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Top 3 homeschooling options, or raising talent that finishes school at 11am!

Living in Switzerland is refreshing, there is no homework and they spend 2 years focused on giving children the skills and competency for life.  The social, interaction and motor skills.

My daughter just finished her 2 years at kindergarten so I was expecting that she would take a step up, but the the letter arrived through the door.  

  • Three days a week she finished at 11.00 rather than 11.50
  • Five days a week she started at 8.20 rather than 8.15
  • She has one extra long day where she finished at 11.50, comes home for lunch and then goes back for 13.30 to 15.05

So rather than put you through the maths, of course I spreadsheeted it. She has a whole 1hr and 25 minutes less in the school than when she was in kindergarten.  I of course asked was there something special we were doing than other Kantons, why are their less hours.  The teacher pointed that there were more lessons, but you can't misdirect from the facts on the spreadsheet.

Now Switzerland for its greatness, also has its flaws and one of them is mothers working.  As an entrepreneur and a working mother I am one of the few, the challenges and solutions can be found from previous blogs.

This was a new one to me.  So again I am sharing what I have found useful, as I have kids that are thirsty to learn. I turned to homeschooling, not because I am taking them out of school, they love school and we are truly integrated.

If you are also looking for a supplement here is some of what I found, and I opted for Moving Beyond the Page.

Moving Beyond the Page - The material is in age relevant curriculum, which engages children in critical thinking and fun without them realising they are learning.  You don't need to prepare, you can print off the lessons and all the materials come.  I also ordered the maths and reading.  This gives myself and our Nanny a structure to navigate with the children.  There are projects which the kids love, and we even extended on one to make a video of all the animals and habitats from the birds nest my daughter found to the zoo.  The downside is if you buy the online version for some reason they limit it to a 90 day access.  This is a little silly but compared to the other packages was the most engaging curriculum.

k12 - This curriculum is following the US system, so it depends perhaps on a preference as an expat, perhaps there is a need or wish to align to the schooling system, It is a complete, integrated curriculum that has tool, exercises, assessment and support.  It is less innovative that Moving Beyond the Page on the softer skills and cortical thinking as it is more a traditional schooling system.

Oak Meadow - this approach was again imaginative focusing on learning through arts.  I considered this as my kids have a lot of imagination.  This is worth a consideration and knowing your child, may be the right mix.  It delivers age appropriate curriculum from kindergarten to high school on an approach that enters around the child, with an emphasis on creative arts: drawing, painting, music, and handwork.



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