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Let go of the six pack. How to change the families health and fitness.

After my second child I struggled.  I struggled to have a consistent habit that had pre kids, and even with the first where I did yoga every day and stay super fit and healthy.  The addition of the second tipped the scales literally.  There were two slightly different routines, life was so much busier and we were comfortable.

The only key was to change the family, and not just myself.  Every time I just changed myself it was like constantly that upward battle.  It was not that my kids were unhealthy in fact the opposite they love vedgetables, and being outside.  However, when I shaped everything as a family holistically it clicked.

Little habits that made a difference:

- Running with the kids to nursery and kindergarten while they were on the scooter

- Swimming lessons every Saturday

- Teaching my kids yoga even if it was a shorter version

- Building muscle as well with kettle bells

Continuing with:

- Letting the kids serve themselves and understand portions

- Likewise for me but also using smaller plates

- Swapping so much wine for lemon and pomegranate iced water

- Swapping milky tea for mint

- 2 or 3 vegetable choices every meal

- Limited packaged or processed food

These were the habits that worked for us. We are fit and healthy, I would not say super fit anymore as gone are the times where I can fit in 2 hours of exercise upwards each day, and nor do I want to (no six pack).  I want to play and cuddle with the kids.  The play time habits just incorporate family fit and healthy.  

I met and teamed up with Arriane Eva Morrin who changes lives in this way.  It's not about big changes or six packs.  In my experience you let go of that.  It is about healthy habits that change your life in a permanent way for a fit, healthy and happy family.

The 4 week programme starts from 24th June 

A Different Way To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables

A Different Way To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables


I'm writing this as last night my 2 year old thumped at the fridge, wailed and screamed at me.  I asked her to show me what she wanted. I thought she was going to point to yoghurt, but she opened the vegetable tray and pulled out the Romanesco Broccoli!  As you are reading this, you are probably going really!  Well those were my thoughts last night.  She loved vegetables earlier on, but then had a rebellion.  So what worked, I explained food to her in her words.  A bit like my parents used to I guess  "carrots help you to see". 1.  Do you want to Jump?  If you eat Broccoli you will be able to jump.  Does Mummy eat vegetables? 'Yes.' Can mummy jump?  'Yes.'

This isn't far from the truth we 'adults' just think in terms of vitamin D and Calcium.  This meant nothing to my daughter neither did the concept of being healthy.  What meant more was talking about it in ways that meant something to her, what she would be able to do.  This concept can be applied to other foods high in Vitamin D and Calium: Oily Fish, White Mushrooms, Whole Milk, Kale, Eggs, Oatmeal, Almonds, Oranges, Kale and Raw Spinach to name but a few.

2.  Do you want to be able to skip?  Well to be able to skip your brain needs to co-ordinate.  In our language vitamin B12 which is in: Mackerel, Swiss Cheese, Feta Cheese, Cured Ham, Sardines, Eggs, Salmon, Chicken, Whole Milk, Tuna, Fortified Tofu.

3.  Do you want to be able to see in the dark?  This is the old chestnut that my mum used.  Vitamin A can prevent nighttime blindness, eye inflammation, and dry eyes.  However, it is not just carrots rich in the vitamin, other sources include: Sweet Potatoes, Cod Liver Oil, Red Peppers, Paprika, Mangos, Whole Milk, Butternut Squash, Dried Basil, Kale, Peas, Dried Apricots, Spinach and Papaya.

I continue apply this to everything.  To get more informed about what vitamins and properties are in each food I use the following source

Hope it helps someone else.  I know that there are many ways to encourage healthy eating, but this has worked for me.

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