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4 Tips for Legoland Germany


1. Staying Over Night.  The Legoland Hotel was something special.  I had images of sleeping on a lego bed, but it was a normal bed; ha ha!  The decor however was so great for the kids, with little pieces of lego art everywhere, and lego to play with in the room.  The only thing is you had to book a breakfast sitting.  We do like to just chill and get up to our own beat, but that was not possible.  We booked the later setting and we had a late check out, but it felt restrictive.



2. Birthday booking.  I booked a birthday package and was not disappointed.  They made a birthday room for my daughter, she had her own bottle of birthday bubbly to share with her brother and friends, as well as a birthday present.  It was super special and made her day.


3. Separate parts shop.  This is where my husband got his big kid on, and came into his own element.  So to say the family a lego fanatics is an understatement.  We like to build cars, canons, catapults and anything that can be concocted in the imagination.  So in the lego shop you can buy multiples of parts, some special parts are restricted to a 100 grams, but if you are there as a family, you can still get what you need.  It's well worth a visit if you are looking for certain parts that you don't necessarily find enough of in lego sets.  The kids are also into We Do and code what they want their creations to do, you can see videos on my instagram.

4. VIP Gold Pass Token.  I know it's costly but it was worth ever penny.  We never waited for a ride and did all rides in one day:Ninjago was so cool.  If you can afford it, I would highly recommend booking a gold pass.  You reserve a ride and when it beeps you walk into the entrance, the max we then waited was maybe 4 minutes.  Time is precious!  My parents were with us for this trip as it was my daughters birthday, and we both said "we never had this in my day", but they loved it.  My 66 year old Dad kept hoping onto all the rides.


The only thing that could be improved was the food, like most theme parks the food is much to be admired.  The food however at the hotel in the evening was very good.

7 Top Tips for Family Trips to Copenhagen Denmark

We got married in Copenhagen, it's one of our other homes and one of our favourite cities. As well as visiting friends and family when we go there, we also like to visit other parts of Seeland, and Copenhagen so the kids stay in touch with their routes; and their viking ;).  Here are our top tips.

1. Tivoli - Tivoli is the only theme park I know in the heart of the city. It's amazing and full of rides, experiences, chilling in the gardens and listening to a show.  There are several great restaurants.  You will not regret going here with the kids.

2. The Blue Planet Aquarium - strangely even open on Danish Christmas which is celebrated on the 24th.  So in our house Christmas lasts a longer time 2 days!  However, one Christmas we landed and grandad or Far Far needed more time to prepare.  We went to the aquarium and the kids loved it, there was so much to see and do.

3. The viking museum.  You will need to hire a car but well worth a visit on a good day.  There's really cool brunch place near by before you go in, and the museum is full of things to see, do and even dress up.  Here you can row a viking boat and make a boat.  There's pieces of wood, saws, nails and hammers left there.  This becomes a bit of a competition and a great activity with the kids to make your own viking boat that can float.

4. Open sandwiches are a must to try.  Eva Davidson is my favourite, which my husband took me to way before we had the kids.  I'm not a fan of bread, but Danish bread is just awesome and her sandwiches are like a work of art!

5. There are so many great restaurants, and not just Noma.  Tonys is where we had our pre wedding party.  We love cheap and cheerful placed too like Sticks and Sushi with the kids, and Lagkagehuset as my husband misses Danish pastries, so much so that he taught himself to make them!

6. With kids I would do the bus tour, as in reality the little mermaid is small.  There are so many great places to see: the navy quarters, the queens palace and all the great danish architecture.

7. Time is also worth being spent just chilling out at Nyhavn.


My daughter getting a hug from Rasmus Klump Bamse which is a Danish kids book and TV character at Tivoli

My daughter getting a hug from Rasmus Klump Bamse which is a Danish kids book and TV character at Tivoli

Top 3 Mobility Hacks from a Family that's Travelled 1000's of miles

We travel pretty much all the time, and the kids are so used to it so we can pack light and do hand luggage.  There are 3 takes that have stood us in good stead for all our travels.

1. The Trunki changed our travel as 3 years ago as sleepy, tired and moony kids to be honest are no fun in airports.  Ours kids race each other and love being pulled which makes easier and quicker to get from one gate to the other, or even get through immigration.  Secondly, you can keep track of them.  Thirdly they may be tired and on the Trunki they always perk up if awake, or I can wake them. No '3' is what I resort to with a sleeping child.  Finally, they can pack what they need which has taught mine how to pack, what they have to versus want to take.  So they can only take what there is space for in the Trunki, but they need things like under wear and a toothbrush if we are only flying hand luggage (sometime we have checked in luggage and of course it's full of their favourite toys, books and colouring).

2. The Manduca which carries them on your back or tummy, for mine the favourite is the tummy as the love nestling in my boobs.  The picture probably does how much I have used this justice, and to beware he/she is probably towards the end of life.  However, even in July this year we arrived in Northern Denmark at midnight, because there was no direct flights.  On the first transfer the plane was late and then kept the next flight open for 10 minutes to make the connecting flight.  So one on the Trunki ( who was still awake), and another in the Manduka.  On reflection this must have been hilarious watching a Mummy who already has a size G bust, with a a 4 year old running through the airport; but we made it!  After 7 hours of travelling there was no waking the children.  So the final walk out was easier.

3.  Finally, and as they've grown older these are a god send.  I remember when we went to Australia with my youngest and just hauling a car seat it was a nightmare.  Rentals charge a fortune, and when you land they often do not have the right one for the age group which infuriates me, as we always pre-ordered.  It's  a post for another topic as the safety of kids is paramount, but often they do not have the right seat.  So 'Mifold' are just genius and fit into my handbag.  European safety approved, easy to use, store and whip in and out these have made our travel so much easier.


Our Trunki's may be a bit warn but they've done 1000's of miles and rock and rolled our kids around many an airport. 

Our Trunki's may be a bit warn but they've done 1000's of miles and rock and rolled our kids around many an airport. 

8 Top Tips for Family Holidays in Ibiza

I took my two little ones to Ibiza for a yoga holiday and surprised myself with how much it has, as opposed to my raving days when I partied on the island so many times pre motherhood.

1. Breakfast: Santa Gertrudis - Bar Costa - get a sandwich with ham & cheese - best sandwiches on the island - homemade bread.

2. Go to the pirate tower with view on the magical island Es Vedra - It’s hidden, so you have to drive to Cala D’Hort and then follow the road up towards Eivissa - around 7800 m (from Cala D’Hort), You can turn right into a small private street (in front of a left turn of the main road - you also see the top of Es Vedra from there) - follow the road until there is a little roundabout where you can park - then follow the little rocky way and you will end on a beautiful plateau, 243 m above sea level, where you can look at Es Vedra… from there follow the way on your left up until you reach the pirate tower… MUST DO!

3. Dinner: Santa Gertrudis - best beef of the island (if you're a beef lover) and not much known by tourists. Restaurant CAN CAUS - order the beef filet that you can BBQ on the table…

4. Take the boat to Formentera - best place for the kids to play in the turqoise water. I would do this from Cala Llonga at 9:45 am - you can easy park there and the boat takes an hour. Also a nice beach.

5. Wednesday: Visit - the Hippy Market in Es Canar (Punta Arabi) - it’s the biggest hippy market of the island. My kids loved it and we had to buy so many Ibiza clothes… After that you walk through Es Canar to a small Italian restaurant on the right side. 

This restaurant is just a few meters before the new Jacaranda lounge - actually also a nice place (not so good food), but a great pool bar with Sangria Cava (Champagne) and our kids loved to swim in this pool.

6. Nassau Beach Club Great beach where the kids can play.

7. If you love Sea Food - the Paella at Cala’Hort is great.

8. When I used to go to Ibiza pre kids I would head Cafe Del Mar, or Cafe Mambos.  However, we found a great place to watch the sunset, soak in Ibiza with the kids.  The kids loved to go out with us in the evening, so we went to some bars, lounge clubs that had live music or good DJ’s.  I took the kids to Kumaharas which had DJs, acrobats, fire dancers, little shops, a lunge area to watch the sunsets, as well as a restaurant and a stall selling nutella pancakes into the early hours.  The kids loved it dancing to the live DJ and saxophonist.  


The Beach by Nassau Beach Club

The Beach by Nassau Beach Club

Chilling a Kumaharas

Chilling a Kumaharas

Drinks at Nassua

Drinks at Nassua

The food was excellent at Kumaharas

The food was excellent at Kumaharas

Even after dark there were large lounge areas for us to chill out with the kids to listen to the Dj's and see artists.

Even after dark there were large lounge areas for us to chill out with the kids to listen to the Dj's and see artists.

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