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The 5 Minute Quick Super Green Lemon Soup

The 5 Minute Quick Super Green Lemon Soup

Ingredients for the super green lemon soup simply assemble them all.  I use organic.
Ingredients for the super green lemon soup simply assemble them all. I use organic.

For the days when you are working and going from meeting to meeting, call to call but your body needs that nutrition and energy this is my quick and easy hit.  There are somedays where I need to say I just need to pee, as a mother working it's tough, so this is recipe and my nutribullet are my saviour.  This is great for busy mums.

Chuck the rest of the ingredients into the nutribullet except from the lemon and Nigella seeds.  You need only the juice of the lemon.
Chuck the rest of the ingredients into the nutribullet except from the lemon and Nigella seeds. You need only the juice of the lemon.
Then you have lunch in Max 5 minutes full of lovely alkaline vegetables and citrus fruit, and energy you could change the type of nuts you use from cashews to almonds.
Then you have lunch in Max 5 minutes full of lovely alkaline vegetables and citrus fruit, and energy you could change the type of nuts you use from cashews to almonds.

Downloadable Recipe or Follow the Instructions Below

5 Minute Super Green Lemon Soup


Super Green Lemon Soup

2 bunches of spinach

1 kale leaf

1 spring onion

1 bunch parsley

1 lemon juice

Handful of almonds

1 cup coconut water

Nigella seeds (to sprinkle)

Maldon salt

Equipment: Nutribullet, Lemon Squeezer (optional) you can use a fork if you don’t have one.


  1. Add all ingredients into the nutribullet
  2. Blend

Total time: 5 minutes

Great Falafel Recipe - A Mothers Working Iron Hit

Great Falafel Recipe - A Mothers Working Iron Hit


IMG_0635 These falafels are full of flavour and goodness.


Onion and garlic add flavour


Spices, egg, herbs and flour bind and tease the palate with textures and flavour.


A great falafel recipe serve hot with salad in 30 minutes.


14 On Demand Fitness Resource - My Journey How to Get Fit After Children

14 On Demand Fitness Resource - My Journey How to Get Fit After Children

bigstock-Fitness-and-healthy-life-Conc-62185421.jpg 14 @ home fitness resources on demand How to Get Fit After Children

The day I gave birth my life changed for ever, and in so many ways.  One thing that changed is 'me time' and the rarity of even being able to go for pee myself.  The girl that was training for yoga every day in a great studio, and would join classes faded away.  However, it was when I needed it most.  I had a new community of an enlarged family and other mothers, but that feeling I got after a class, that time I gave to myself and health would never be the same.


I had a choice I could either keep on trying to fit into the life I had, or ask the question what is stopping you.  The truth was that travelling by train and tram for 45 minutes to the studio there and back, completing a 90 minute class, showering and wait time would cost me 200 minutes.  What was stopping me was that my life no longer had 200 minutes.  Don't get me wrong I would not trade the life I have the way I spend 200 minutes now is packed full of getting s*** done, and so much laughter, smiles and craziness with the family.  It just took time to have a new lifestyle.

One of the things that has helped is health and fitness @home.  My Mum used to come in and teach the home economics, so a to of the health is a real passion for food which has evolved with time sensitive recipes for being a busy mother working.  For fitness I fell in love with my home practice, and have perused all the top 14 of the best @home fitness.  As I did I homed into 3 questions:


How to Sustain Fitness After Having Children?

1. When can I make time - even if it's 5 minutes? I get up early and can make 30 to 60 minutes before the kids are up. If I have a crazy day I can fit in 5. 2. What am I passionate about to sustain 'choice' ?  For me it's Yoga and Running.  I focus on the feeling after it motivates me, I know how I am going to feel even if I just do Pranayama and Sun Salutation. 3. Where can I find it on demand to fit into my schedule? I need on demand. I can't be fixed to schedules because I work, and travel.  So as well as a home practice I substitute with Cody, Yogadownload (great as I can download) and Peloton (my hubby and I used to love spinning but we cannot get to a class and it is something we can do together or on a crappy day outside ;)).

The 14 of the best @home on demand fitness cannot be ranked because the answers to 1 to 3 will vary.  The key is to understand what matters to you, so we reviewed: cost, access, availability, choice, schedules and additional add on's available to help other women who want to get fit, but whose life no longer fits with their old life.

They are to fit you and your life now.


Links to all 14


The 5 Work Life Balance Myths

The 5 Work Life Balance Myths


If Work Life Balance - 'balance' is defined as "an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady" then frankly there is no such thing.  It is a myth.  A Mother Working Balance is "dividing yourself between multiple things, with unequal distribution" because the focus is #1 Mother and #2 Life.  That's our real life every day. [video width="854" height="480" mp4=""][/video]

7 Habits to Stay Energised

One of the things we struggle with as busy Mamma's is not just time but energy.  There are a number of tools we can use in our day to day life to stay energised: that build, store, multiply and save our energy. 7-habits-to-stay-energised-conflict-copy-2

7 Habits to Stay Energised Downloadable Tool

Do You Want More Time For Your Kids

Do You Want More Time For Your Kids


There's never enough time! Give me more time #whatifihadapa #moretime #tools #technology I ran a session on Parental Leadership on 10th April.  In that session we went through one of the tools called 'Transparent Communication.'  It has 4 stages where:

  1. You recognise how you really feel
  2. You recognise how your child really feels (putting your self in their shoes)
  3. You acknowledge the two
  4. You make an authentic response in acknowledgement to address the feelings, and increase the parental attachment bond

There were 8 different parents, and every one in there acknowledgement at some point had time creep in as a factor.


We discussed and delved into the example of their 2 year old son screaming, shouting and saying he hates the time to get ready, from scrubbing his teeth and being ready to go to the nursery (kita).

Identify with own feelings:

The mother explained that she felt frustrated and needed to get to work (TIME).


Identify with the child’s feelings:

When she put herself in the shoes of the child, he wants to do it himself. However, both the father and mother expressed that they were worried about the teeth not being brushed properly. The father explained that he rewards chocolates if his son behaves and explains he can only have the chocolates if his teeth are clean.


Hug and share each others feelings.

Authentic Response

They realised that the solution does not address the real issue. The anger from the child is because he wants to do it himself, and there is fear from the parents that he will not do it properly. The authentic response they created was to speak with him and explain that he will do it himself, and that Mummy and Daddy will show him how to do it and check after, where they may just need to get him to redo some areas or help. The real issue was anger caused by a wish for more independence, and the time pressure that they felt and the worry of incompleteness was creating a repetitive issue every morning.

Our Mission to Give Parents More Time 'Memories Over Chores'

Giving parents the tools and technology is not just to develop technology for technologies sake.  What we have done is develop a tool in a way that makes sense for parents, to organise their life, to suggest events that make a difference to them, to enable them to complete tasks like travel and shopping quicker / cheaper and in a way that adds value to their time.

The one thing we can give parents is time.  Join Us.

Our New Ebook Memories Over Chores. 60 Tips for the Power Parent

Our New Ebook Memories Over Chores. 60 Tips for the Power Parent

February 29th you had an extra 24 hours.  The revolution starts now. Make more time in your life everyday.  Our ebook Memories Over Chores. 60 Tips for the Power Parent #Killthatmondaymorningblaaa  #whatifihadapa #disrupttime #memoriesoverchores

All images courtesy of Bigstock and Shutterstock.

Rainbow Sundays

DTJT4973 Sunday the last day of the weekend where we are packing everything into family time at this time of year is full of skiing.  It's usually the day where I am feeling tired and buzzing from lot's of memories, but also wanting to wind down a bit with the Monday start just one sleep away.  A favourite which takes the maximum of 30 minutes to pull together when we get back is a rainbow of vegetables, and dips.

Tahini Dip

Whizz in the blender: Tahini 1 Tbsp, garlic 1 bulb, Raspberry Honey 1/2 Tsp (from a family friend), Lemon Juice 2 Tbsp, Maldon Salt 1/2 Pinches, Water (until the right consistency).

Courgette and Tahini Dip

Courgette x 2 griddle panned, 2 Tbsp Tahini, 3/4 bulbs of Garlic, Tub of Coconut Yoghurt, Bunch of Fresh Mint

Vegetables Raw

Grated Raw Carrots - Yellow (sometimes I add Nigella seeds), Grated beetroots (with Lemon and flat leaf Parsley.

Roasted Vedgetables

Sweet Potato, Potatoes, Courgettes

Tips for Hiring a Babysitter, Aupair or Nanny

We are blessed enough to be able to afford help, but we also live no where near support as we have both moved away from the countries that we were born in. Accepting that it’s okay to have help at home was an internal battle, as I was so used to doing everything myself. However, now I couldn’t do half of what I do without the support of my extended family in Switzerland and that is our au pair. When we first got an au pair it went terribly wrong and we learnt a lot. The learnings we have is what I wanted to share:

· Go via an agency. Going via an agency cost more but it meant all the paperwork was supported, and certificates, criminal record and background checks · Interview with real life situations. In the interview we asked what would you do when you wake up the kids in the morning to go to school, and they do not want to go? One hits you because they still do not want to go. This seems extreme and our kids are actually well behaved but it happened once. It surprising the amount of people that said I will be able to make them come, but could not explain how, all to often people under estimate toddlers. It shows their lack of experience. · What would you do if you had the kids for an afternoon? Again this shows their experience. One girl told us she would play basketball with them. Our kids were 1 and 3, I explored this with her and she had no experience with younger children. The most important thing for me was to have someone who loved being with younger children, as the happiness of my kids was paramount. · Check the motivation and flexibility of the person, but be open and transparent on expectations. Why do you want to be an au pair, babysitter or nanny? We gave an overview of a typical week, and what our expectations were. We could see the attitude and motivation of the person, for many people it was just the money and we knew that would not work out. Being and au-pair is not easy and the money is not high.

· Check the experience you want. What experience do you have that is applicable? The agency that we use employ qualified nurses and teachers form the Philippines. Next to the happiness of my kids is their safety and our kids benefit from having a qualified nurse which puts my mind at ease.

· Look after your au-pair and they will look after you. Our au-pair is part of our family and as such she looks after us as a family.


We finally booked our holiday but with no sun we are taking another break last minute. So this year I thought it was time to write a blog on affordable destinations, where you can travel on a budget but still have an amazing time. 

Last year we blogged on this topic, but Spain is no longer number 1, and this year it’s Bulgaria. 2014 Post Office World Wide Holiday Costs Barometer provides the cost measurement.  The cost per day includes: coffee, beer, soft drink, wine, water, sun cream, cigarettes (although you could give them up and spend it on something nice) and a 3 course meal for 2 adults. 

The cost per day has gone up from 2013 from £36.14 a day to £43.26. That is in line with the overall inflation affecting us globally, but unfortunately people’s salaries not increasing at the same pace and in some cases declining. So getting the most for your money is even more important.

We are often so focused on the cost of the travel and hotel, it’s important to consider what we spend when we are there – The Total Cost.

  1. Bulgaria £43.26 a day

I can now see a trip to Sofia in the horizon given the value that it offers, and from reviews it has the geography, history, architecture and culture, which would make for a great break. Bulgaria moved form being 2013’s number 6 on the Holiday Cost Barometer to number 1.


  1. Turkey £54.11

Turkey has moved from the number 10 spot in 2013 to number 2 in 2014. There are of course the typical holiday resorts, but Turkey has many hidden treasures.  The obvious is Istanbul.  Turkey is one of the best cities I have visited, so much so that I have had to do it 3 times.  The summer and winter clubs made the romantic weekend each time.

A not so known destination is the The Cappadocia region of turkey where you will find hotels carved in rocks, with rooms starting from 20 Euro’s.



3 and 4. Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca £54.88 and £55.18 respectively

I am not sure why Spain warrants a mention twice, but the Post Office has split these two regions. This year I visited Nerja again for a girls holiday with it’s beach, caves, old town and our cozy pool with the same old couple who have run the café for a life time. Palencia for a wedding and later this year a yoga retreat in Ibiza. The tapas and wine in Spain if you find a good place can really make the holiday.


  1. Portugal £56.44

Whether you want to go to the beach e.g. Algarve or you are interested in the history and culture it has a wealth of activities.  For example, the estate of Initiation Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra in Portugal, music and parties in Lisbon or water sports.


  1. Cyprus £62.35

Cyprus has great weather, beaches, walks and sights such as Limassol, Kolossi Castle, Tombs of the Kings, Monastery of Apostolos Andreas and for the kids Ostrich Wonderland Theme Park.


  1. Greece Crete £66.47

Greece appears again twice: split between Crete and Corfu.  I am not too sure if maps are being re-written here but the Post Office Barometer has given us a guide as to where to go in regards to value. One of my fondess memories of Greece as a whole is in Rhodes where I hired a bicycle and cycled everywhere. Greece is steeped in history so if you are planning a visit it offers great weather and beaches.


  1. Croatia £71.86

Croatia is a jewel in the crown and whether it be a city break or stay on the coast and visiting islands it gives a great welcome. There are many amazing restaurants to be found and places of natural beauty that can be discovered by foot. Dubovnik still has buildings dating back to 13th and 16th century and churches of national heritage. Wade Goddard captures the recent atrocities in the 90’s in a War Photo exhibition. On the coast islands like Korcula offer wine tasting trips and Bacvice with its beaches and water-sports. Great hikes can be found in Upper Velebit, Mala Paklenica and Velika Paklenica.


  1. USA Orlando £76.21

As a child many of my holidays were in the States to visit family we could not afford to go on holiday without visiting family, so we were fortunate to have a large family. It was not until I saved up my own money that I first stayed in a paid apartment with 2 other friends in Ibiza. As such I had the insiders view of the USA whether that would be visiting family and hanging out in Florida, Washington, Boston, New York Visiting the museums, art galleries and restaurants in each city. Staying in the Bronx and Brooklyn with cousins. In Orlando we visited the mall a lot with our teenage cousins. I must say that is not my kind of holiday now, because I like to discover new places, history, culture and people. However, the USA has so much to offer beyond Orlando with amazing natural geographic wonders.


10. Greece Corfu £77.34

Greece was also at number 7.

No Sun Yet... Hunt for it in September

This year there has been no summer to speak of in Switzerland.   Some one stole the sun!  I'm heading to a yoga retreat in Ibiza in September and will hopefully find the yellow stuff, for those who are searching for a bit of sun in September here are 7 top locations.

Ibiza weather average 24 degrees


Tunisia weather average 25 degrees

Tunisia 2

Greek Islands weather average 24 degrees


Mauritius weather average 21 degrees


Koh Samui weather average 28 degrees


Madagascar weather average 18 degrees


South Africa weather average 20 degrees

South Africa



Top 6 Films to Catch on Date Night Friday

Date night is one of those check in times with each other where there is no Broccoli being thrown on the floor, or the constant distractions but the pure focus is on each other.  Whether it be dinner, a movie or both enjoy.  Here are 6 possible great movies to catch this week.

Expendables 3

Expendables 3

The Giver

The Giver





The Hundred Foot Journey

The Hundred Foot Journey

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

Getting Out of the Door with Kids

Getting out the door as a working mother has been one of those challenges I have improved in, but I would still like to nail.  That said my experiences don’t seem to be as tiresome, as my friends so I thought that I would share my experiences.  My daughter is 3 and my son 1.

  1. What it means for them

If I am in a rush with my daughter and son it is for a reason.  Sometimes I can bike with them to Krippe (Kindergarden), but others I may need to get a train into the city.  I decided to explain to them both why we need to hurry up, and what it means to them.  My days are typically loaded to be early, so I have quality time with them in the afternoon.  So I ask them both if they like it when Mummy plays with them after Krippe, and we have lots of time together.  The obvious answer is 'yes' and I explain that’s because we get up early and get to Krippe whilst I go to work.  If we don’t leave now Mummy may not be able to do that.

  1. Independence

 My daughter  continually utters the words “I’ll do it myself,” will at times want me to out on her shoes and jacket, as she sees me do it for her brother.  I then question her asking are you a big girl, and proudly compliment her that she can do that herself, as she is no longer a baby.  She then shows me that she can.

   3. Treats

There are things that she wants to take to Krippe or treats of raisins, so when she is good she gets raisins to take with her.

  1. Friendship and Fun

Both love the Krippe and look forward to their day, so I tend to talk about whether she is looking forward to playing with her best friends (she has two).  This speeds up her motivation to get there and play.

  1. Changing Pace

Overall I try to change the pace, so as not to always rush them.  Albeit we need to get out of the door early in the morning and we only get to briefly say hello to the chickens, and sheep in the morning.  On the way back from Krippe we are walking, laughing and noticing everything that the seasons have to offer: picking acorns, the wild flowers, testing whether things sink or float in the stream.  This appreciation for time seems to work so that they know when I say we have to go it is for a reason, but at the same time we appreciate the stiller moments.

I by no means have things perfect, and sometime that run to catch the train certainly provides me with extra fuel cells on my Nike Fuel band!

My Top 5 Go To For Eating Clean

I've been eating clean for over a year now and what surprises me is the amount of people that ask me for recipes.  Here are my top 5 go to's in addition to me just using my own head for inspiration, which makes up recipes all the time.

1. Danielle Walkers 'Against All Grains' changed my take on clean living with the possibility to enjoy baking with my kids, and still be able to eat it and the most amazing bread as well as my breakfast with banana and nut porridge, and home made granola.

2. Ottelenghi is not strictly an eating clean chef, but so many of his recipes fit the mould.  the flavours in his food, and use of spices means that you do not need the sugar.

3. Madeleine Shaw has such a balanced attitude to food, and health she is a girl after my own heart 

4. Luke and Scott Clean Living has super tasty and more innovative breakfasts and savoury dishes

5. The Green Kitchen again not strictly Paleo but so many healthy plant based recipes and a great variation on cauliflower pizza. my own variation that I made up in my head sweet potato pizza is also good.

The Evolution of Friendships

There are four things that I focus on in life: my health (physical, mental and spiritually), my family, my brain (I need a challenge) and my friends.  I am fast approaching 36 and in the last week I have spent so much time on the phone or Skype with my friends who are in different continents and countries, and arranged a girl’s night for those friends I have made in my new home country.

As time has gone on I have found that friendships die, change and grow.  All of those evolutions are okay it is no judgment on them or me, it is what it is for that time.  It contributed a little to me as a person.

Friendships Die

I have no friends left from school. Networks yes, but real friendships no.  I am still in contact with people on different social networks, but looking back at school I did not connect with the friends around me.  It was out of necessity, due to being bullied I found people to have fun with but not truly connect.  I started at a university with one 'so called' friend right from nursery who sat at the table in halls (shared accommodation) and arranged with everyone but me to go out, and alienated me.  I left that university in the first semester.  That was a defining moment for me, where it looked like I gave in, but I didn’t.  I decided to go to a different university, study and be me.  People either liked me for who I was or I moved on emotionally.  I had no thirst to be popular or even accepted.  I was going to treat people with kindness regardless but not invest energy where it was not positive back.  In that period I lost touch with that group of friends from school and formed my adult mind.

Friendships Change

Since the 1st university.  I graduated with a BA in Marketing and HR, and went on to post graduate education two masters and currently a doctorate.  In that period I made the friends that have been with me through life.  Those friends I can pick up with whenever I am back in the UK.  They Skype and we fly all over the world to see each other.  Our situations have changed over the last 17 years (my 2 oldest friends that I worked at a shoe store with).  Some of us are married, have a family, moved countries and continents, but the key thing that has allowed us to change together has been empathy to understand each other’s situation.  Where I have seen things break down in friendships, is because that person didn’t understand the other.  They didn’t appreciate the others truth.  That means that there can be two perspectives in life we all have different circumstances to deal with and lenses that we apply to look at a situation.  Sometimes we have to be mature enough to agree to disagree, because everyone has to choose their own path.   I see some conflict between 2 sets of friends where there is now a partner in their life they want to spend time with them.  In the other situation one would make a different decision that the other, but the truth is we don't live the other persons life.  Everyone has to make their own decisions. In my situation now that there are kids there is limited time to regularly get together; in fact the whole quantum time paradigm is reinvented when kids come into the equation!  With my good friends I have put myself into their shoes, and tried to get them to understand mine; and they understand.  We make quality time together.  There is always the promise that when they really need just call.  This has stood me in good stead through the life changes so far!

Friendships Grow

Empathy has been the basis for growth of the friendships that I cherish and want to keep, as well as time.  My good friends will always invite me even though I am not in the country, and leave it to me whether I can make it.  I am always considered and involved, the friends that I have grown with have a global mind-set, so have grown with me and my development living and working abroad. Most of my friends I met through my masters and yoga, so perhaps the connection that we have is the mental and spiritual challenge. The good friends that I have in Switzerland make quality time once or twice a quarter at least to meet up, as most weekends are absorbed with family time and date nights.  This year again I have an extended girls weekend.  It amazes me how 6 friends can still be so close after all these years.  My five closest friends are Godparents to my children so they are so interconnected to our lives that they grow with us.  In July I spend a whole 4 days together catching up and bonding with my friends.  The time investment is something that I cherish, and can be difficult to make with two kids under 2 years old.  However, it is precious. As my Mum always said if you can count 5 good friends on one hand you are lucky.  I would say that I am blessed.

The importance of time for the people and things that we love is what has driven me to start whatiifihadapa.  The impact that I can make by giving people more time back in their day is going to be powerful for health, family, mind and friendships.

Friendships - Let them die if they become negative, learn to change with them and provide them with empathy and time to grow.

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