A lot of our tweets, FB messages and blogs have been about making time. We often blog about how to make time, and why, but today I thought I would share my personal story of what I make time for and why; what’s important to me. Family

  1. My family. First and foremost I make time for my family to show them love, give them time to laugh, play and space to grow and explore. The time with the children involves their favourite activities of painiting, reading, playing outside, puzzles and lego. The time with my husband gives us time to share our experiences and grow together. The time with my parents and sister ground, norish and centre me.


  1. Yoga is so important to me it is what gives me focus, energy: spiritually, mentally and physically. Without the yoga I may not be able to give time to the things that are important to me. I practice at least 5 times a week.

Making a Difference

  1. Making a difference to Children. 3 years ago I started my doctorate and as part of that I researched into childhood development. The pro bono work that I do invests in childhood development for future generations. Today I am giving a lesson in a school, and as part of our 3 year strategy we will :
    1. Give ‘children’ a structure to learn how to relate to themselves and others in order to realize their full potential.
    2. Help, support and educate parents in their role to develop children in order to have positive parental attachment.
    3. Connect parents, children and mentors in order to increase the impact of children’s full potential on society.


  1. Developing my brain. 3 years ago when I talked to my husband over dinner about doing a Doctorate he joked with me, “you can never stop learning can you”. My instant thought was… that’s not a bad thing! He supported me and in truth I always want to learn something new, whether it is advancing in my yoga practice or teaching, or creating a new knowledge and understanding in my field of expertise. I apply this in my work and my pro-bono projects.



  1. My friends are the final part of what I make time for. My Mum said I would be lucky if I could count my friends on one hand, and I am. I fly to see them for birthdays, events and we Skype regularly. We are an integral part of each other’s life. As we have all become more global the virtual nature of our relationships has stood the test of time, and a yearly girly holiday helps.

Making the most of the time I have is important which is why I am taking that one step further….watch that space. What ever you are passionate about making time for I hope that we support you.

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