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Being a Mum can sometimes be over whelming.  Suddenly you go from being a Wife or Partner, Lover, Friend and or Work Colleague to integrating what can be an all consuming role into your life.  It can sometimes be lonely, often we need the support of others, that actually understands us, someone to cheer us on.

It can also be over whelming that we can lose who we are, and our quest for identity and quality time is constant.  We need tools and technology that can automate and save us time, so we can go for that run, do some yoga, meet up for drinks, spend time with the kids and have that date night.  

That's why daily we connect on our Facebook Group, every month we add to and build on tools. We are launching an app that helps you to manage your time, connect your life, suggest to save space in your multi tasking brain  and automate tasks.  

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1. Community

I think one of the most valuable parts of the WhatifIhadaPA Community is the Mothers Rock Facebook group. It's where you can connect and mingle with the other members, ask your questions, get feedback, share your success and get support.

We are all here to help you succeed as mothers, so please take advantage of it. If you ever have any questions head over to the Facebook group and ask.  Each week we inspire and share on #1Passion #2 Change #3 Focus.

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2. Tools

We create Bundles of Mothers Rock Tools, which is focused on a particular topic, like career, living with authenticity, decluttering, skin care, health, nutrition, menu planning, yoga and pilates. A tool can be videos, webinars (bedtime sessions), workbooks, audios and or printables (it varies from bundle to bundle). The bundle is our free tools provided to you as valuable members of this community that we are building to support mothers worldwide.

You don't have to work on the new tools when it comes out - you can always dip into the archives and find a tool more relevant for you and work on that instead. This is your place, so you can work on whatever is best for you.


3. App

The App is the ultimate time saver and hacker.  It is a productivity app for mothers.  It saves you time in organising your day, week, year and others around you with ability to share in the family, and share location with friends if you are a travelling mummy and need to easily connect with friends.  It suggests books, music, events and entertainment on your preferences, location and even travel so you don't waste your down time.  It takes away the hassle of planning travel, just give it a budget, if you want sun/snow and far you want to travel and whoola saving the painstaking time on planning the family holiday.  

The next thing you asked us to tackle was food shopping so after beta we will be quickly following with technology that will save you time and automate your weekly shop!

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