I’m a wife and mother working. The phrase working mother sets the wrong relationship, we have many roles: Wife and Mama Working (WAMW's) and on top of that I consider myself as a friend. Let's be clear getting the kids organised, ready, feeding and developing young minds is work. As a WAMW my life changed in meeting my amazing husband, and being blessed with two beautiful children. I no longer cared about travelling for work and material things paled into insignificance.  

The Problem

My mind set changed but the world around me ‘institutions’ and ‘society’ were not in support or help:

  • I was in a country where they would ask me in an interview “but you have children why do you want to work?”

I wanted the choice, and some balance.

  • I was in a country where 0.2% of GDP is invested in childcare so it was more costly to work, and when working there were challenges to being home after 12.00 for kids before the age of 7, and 2 hours for lunch for the older children.

Balance = time saving + network + mindset.

  • I was managing to still get it done, however each Monday when my alarm clock went off there was still the feeling of it could be easier. I started writing support, tools and techniques that would make mine and other lives easier. I had coached leaders for 10+ years, and other mothers were asking me at this point for advise and guidance.  My research had correlated with statistical significance just how important parents were to their future child's happiness.

I found balance by focusing holistically on my life.  It was not just my career, but my home life and support.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I automated chores in a time saving App, I built a network of legacy makers, and I worked on mindset.  Today I'm a working Mum, a tech founder, speaker, runner, yogi with life balance.  This I want to share with you what ever stage you are on.  

  • You just want to get shit done to have more time in the day (do you want an extra 2hrs a day)
  • You want to connect with a secret society of legacy makers to be the change in the world
  • You want 1-2-1 help, as you are stuck.  You want time and purpose.

The Problem Explodes (The Potty Training Hits the Floor)

This did not happen overnight!  I was balancing life as a wife and mother working as well as studying on the status quo. I was sat downstairs after the kids had been tucked in bed. I had my thesis to complete, bills to pay, tax to complete, sorting out the family diaries for the next month and I had 30+ screens open just trying to book our family holiday. Nothing was connected or easy.

It was not until the moment that can make or break most mama’s that the real break through came. That break through moment was potty training when my 2 year old proceeded to not use her nappy for the night and say Mummy I’ve done a pooh! I had to stop doing what I was doing and run to stop it being transferred to the walls!

My Call to Action

I was proud and happy, but in that multi task priority moment I thought there must be a better way. I actually screamed ‘What If I Had a PA?’ and the idea was born that what if I could automate all these chores, and to do’s for parents and save them time it would be most valuable thing, and change the lives of Mums and Dads everywhere.

My Quest ‘Technology’ and ‘Tools’ to Counter the Problem

My quest was personal and driven by the difference I knew it could make. My Doctorial research into what makes adults successful and by success I mean happiness, had statistically significant correlations of moderate strength to parental attachment. If I could give parents more time to spend time with their children this would be priceless.

The very next week I handed in my assignment, and that weekend was the entrepreneurial weekend. I mapped out on a piece of paper the concept and proceeded to research those mothers I wanted to help, to work out the logic needed to programme and automate tasks.


I found an amazing mentor who had been part of a large technology launch who loved the concept and supported me in presenting to a start up event. I put everything into the presentation what was to 14 men and 1 woman. As a young wife and mama working you feel powerful, but I could not have come away more deflated. The feedback was but why would women want to save time, we don’t think it’s possible and even if it was we don’t think you can do it.

My learning was never ask men what a woman wants or needs. Secondly, I asked those that counted the other mothers working (MW) and 81% of people said they needed it.  Now I speak internationally at conferences, the app and tools are being used by 1000's of Mums.

Change the Status Quo

If I was to change the status quo I could not rely on those institutions or areas of society that had no interest in it to change. As a wife and mother working I had overcome so many hurdles, so there was nothing more to do than bootstrap. To take what I knew, surround myself with those that inspired me and could take me to the next level.

Move from Time Zapping to Time Automation

The first sign that I was not crazy was a successful proof of concept. My logic along with 7 developers proved the room of 14 men and 1 woman wrong. Although a little bit of crazy can be good if you are trying to change the world.

The second was to finance the beta of the 6 time saving and organisation tasks that were important to those that counted other mothers working (MW). There are more to come.

The New World in What If I Had a PA

I realised that it is a mixture of mind-set, tools and technology that could make a difference to give mama’s working everywhere more time in their day.

Whatifihadapa kills that Monday morning blaa!! When the alarm clock goes off for the new week and you realize you did not complete half the chores your wanted to, but your busy working parent week is as filled as the previous one if not more!

That ‘blaa’ is actually a call to stop and put your life, your health and your time in front of your chores and calendar. The mindset change that your gravestone will not say ‘Loving (insert job title), but ‘Loving (wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son and or friend).

So the No 1 is not work (job or home), it is ‘Memories over Chores’.

We help our community of busy parents with the tools, advice and technology to reduce time on things that zap their time, and start doing what will make a difference to them and those they love by giving them time back.

We give you the tools and the technology ‘Whatifihadapa’ for health, food, life, entertainment, shopping, organisation, travel....

Choose what part of the journey you are on.

  • Download the App and use the Tools to save yourself 2 hrs a day
  • Apply to be part of the Legacy Makers to Connect and be the change in your passion area
  • Sign Up for the 90 day programme which will change you life in time and purpose

Be the change.

Our Creed

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