At the beginning of 2019 I started to think more again about zero waste. I already had things like my own glass water bottle and reusable baking sheets but there was more I could do! We made significant changes before traveling around the world with reusable nappies, a menstural cup and using reusable food wraps and silicone covers. Many of them were hard to get in Switzerland so I thought I would share if anyone else was looking to make the difference as a family to the planet, we only have 10 years to save it!

The journey itself was actually easy to start to switch and our shopping costs have come down 700 - 800 CHF a month. Some things I just had homemade like deodorant this recipe was from one of our au pairs. It has been so much more effective then aluminium free you buy in the shop. Simply mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl. Warm up the oils (NOT the essential oils) gently and add to the dry ingredients. Add the essential oils at the end.:

40 Grams Coconut Oil

140 Grams Unrefined Shea Butter

100 Grams Bicarbonate Soda

55 Grams Almond Oil

200 Grams Cornstarch

8 Mls Essential Oil (eucalyptus or mint)

Many of the other things I have bought over time so if you are looking a Xmas wish lists, stocking fillers, in the sales or just want to make the switch these will not only save the planet but money! These are the changes we have made so far. As I keep finding them and trying them I will add. If they did not work I will not. The reusable pants for night sleeps for us did not work as the wee goes right through and this was no good if staying in an Air BnB. So these are honest shares that are working for our family of 4. All links I have managed to order from Switzerland which can be hard!


Reusable Covers

January 2018 we ditched clingfilm. It was hard as many of the products could not be delivered to Switzerland. However, these were magic as I was brought up not to waste food so when there’s left overs for dinner we cover and use the next day. I highly recommend this simple change to reduce not just plastic waste but also food waste.

Reusable Silicon Bags

Not having to buy freezer bags, clingfilm or alike again does not only protect the environment but I can say we searched our budget and we have taken our food bill down 700 - 800 CHF a month. Some of that is food as I don’t eat meat, but I got my husband to switch more to Veddgie with meat less in the week. Buying less meat, lentils in bulk at our local asian shop and from our local farms is a huge saving. The rest are also big savings from cosmetics and household goods that we no longer need to replenish.

BEes Wax Sheets

In Switzerland every day the kids have Zooni and are kids are part Danish so sandwiches sometimes also feature, but if course Rye bread. We have clever lunch boxes or bees wax wraps which stops the use of again cling film.

Bees Wax Sandwich Wraps

In Switzerland the kids are home for lunch and have a snack. As our kids are half danish there can be a rye sandwich involved. I have Mooni boxes, although these Sandwich bags have been extra helpful. For Zooni or lunches sandwich wraps are reusable, keep mess in and not all over the school bag.

Composter for the kitchen

When we were travelling we stayed in an eco villa and every morning we added our food waste to two compost collectors to deliver to the wormary. In Switzerland you pay for waste we are down to only 1 30L bag a week for a household of 5. We have honestly only just gotten around to doing our own garden so this is the New Years purchase as we were impressed by the Eco Villa wormary.

Bags for Veddgies

Going to the shops if you do, we also have a great local farm deliver but sometimes we also go to the supermarket. Picking up more plastic defies the point so these are great for picking up loose vegetables, fruit, pulses, nuts and grains.

Soap Conditioners

A big change and it’s hard as I have black hair so it needs moisture, but I always check my bottles are PET. That said going back to soap gets rid of the plastic.


A big change and it’s hard as I have black hair so it needs moisture, but I always check my bottles are PET. That said going back to soap gets rid of the plastic.

Bamboo ToothBrushes

So here’s the thing toothbrushes do not break down. So a simple switch is bamboo. We visited some amazing places which included trips in protected ocean reserves. I want my grandkids to be able to still experience that.

Bamboo Straws

An alternative to stainless steel is bamboo. I went for the stainless steel but it’s another option,

Stainless Steel Straws (infinite use)

I must say I am not a straw person but the kids sometimes are and buying plastic straws which do no degrade is just looney! At the coromandel in New Zealand we had reusable straws so this is in their stocking filler. Its these small switches that can change the world. There is an initial investment but then you save the planet and money.

Foldable Water Bottles

My old au-pair got me onto this as you can get take it anywhere, and in Switzerland there are literally water fountains everywhere. There is no need to buy a plastic bottle. I’ve not fallen for the designer bottles that cost the earth I just want water, but the convenience for me a working mum means that I always have water.

Foldable Water bottle

We stayed at the Eco Villas in Christchurch on our trip around the world and composted all of our waste. We have honestly only just gotten around to doing our own garden so this is the New Years purchase as we were impressed by the Eco Villa wormary.

Menstural Cup

I’ve been using a Menstural Cup for nearly a year now I purchased last January. I bit the bullet as I had read horror stories and just thought well it’s worth a try. Monthly a pack of Tampax 6.55 CHF so do the maths on the Return on Investment financially and environmentally. Secondly I knew I was going to do our around the world trip so with only a back pack each this was a major reduction in toiletries to cover the time of the month. I cannot recommend the menstural cup enough you have to get the right size which depends on if you have kids, but then it is the most convenient and easy thing ever!

Teeth Whitening

There are fluoride alternative and those that do not come in your typical toothpaste tubes.

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